The crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought

This is the definition of murder, according to Since late-term abortion unquestionably fits the definition except for the word “unlawful”, this puts a huge burden of guilt on lawmakers who play God. When they decide for a state or country it is lawful to kill a baby, even one that could survive outside the womb on its own, who can’t see that’s just murder inside the womb? Is it lawful, or just plain awful?

If a mother doesn’t want to raise a baby herself, there is the adoption option. Loving families who ache for a baby to raise as their own. Which means that even in the horrendous case of rape, abortion is not a given. Could she not carry the baby to term, love it as her baby, and let someone else give the child what she may not be willing or able to at that point? But abortion is not always a woman’s choice, is it? It provides a handy solution for the father, who may want to remain “hidden” and unaccountable. (E.g. if the mother is a minor, or a married man – or the woman herself- has been unfaithful and doesn’t want to be found out.) King David had Bathsheba’s husband killed in battle so his sin would not be discovered, but God knew and David had to answer for it.

Choosing life is not always convenient. But a woman’s emotional and spiritual stability as well as the well-being of a helpless little soul hangs in the balance. There are numerous women who, having had an abortion, tell of mental, emotional, and spiritual anguish.

If someone has a pet they can no longer (or choose not to) love and care for, most think it inhumane to kill it, without even trying to find a home for it. How much more is disposing of a human being made in God’s own image with an eternal soul?

Each person makes his or her own choices. But we will all stand before God one day, Who long ago declared, “You shall not murder” (Exodus 20:13 NIV). God does not change. He has seen many nations come and go. Those that line up with Him and His ways last. Those that don’t pass into history.

So where does this stop? Will they decide it’s okay to kill a baby within 24 hours of birth, or a child up to six years old? What about someone over 65? How about those of a certain race? Hmm, sounds a little (or a lot) like Hitler’s World War II Germany, the country that had lost its soul!

We cannot allow someone else to make these life or death moral determinations for us. Each of us will one day stand before God guilty or innocent.

Many of us may never have had an abortion, but are just as guilty of sin nevertheless. We are all sinners and, according to God’s standard, deserve death (Romans 3:23, 6:23).

There is only one way to receive grace on that day. Those who have, in this life, repented of (expressed godly sorrow for and turned from) their sin, trusted Christ Jesus to make them clean, and followed Him will be pardoned. Because the fact is that we are all guilty of ugly sin.

Only Jesus could stand before God clean, with no sin of His own. On that day, He will be my advocate. He will tell God, “I paid for that one. She’s mine.” I will stand clean before God, not because I have no sin, but because the One Who has none paid the penalty for mine.

Wow! I pray you will lay your sin at His feet, and exchange it for His righteousness. He will never fail you or forsake you. ❤

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