Luke 10:38-42

Jesus has come to the home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, his disciples and friends. To be sure, Martha was trying to see to the needs of her honored guest. But she misjudged what Jesus wanted from her most. It does seem a simple bowl of soup, even served a bit later, would have sufficed. For that matter, her Guest was the One who fed 5,000 Himself and could certainly have fed them all. Did she want to hear what He had to say, above all? That was the question. The application for us today seems pretty clear. When He calls us to spend time with Him in prayer, are we “fussing in the kitchen” when we could be sitting at His feet? Are we fuming as if we have to do everything ourselves, when we could be experiencing His sweet Presence? Our fellowship with Jesus above all is where our focus must be. It’s not that what we are doing to serve is not important. Service is an expression of our love to the One who is, and has given us everything. But how can we know what He wants in a given situation unless we have spent time worshipping and being taught? How will we have the fortitude for trying days without “fueling up” in His Presence? After all, Jesus made a regular practice of communing with His Father. We can certainly do no less if we wish to be effective for Him.

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