Our Father, we lift our hearts to You, as the One Who fills them with Your Holy Spirit, giving us love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. You have already given us many, many good things, and we praise You for Your goodness and greatness…. Because You say we are to forgive before we come to You in prayer, we release any hard feelings toward anyone we have resentment toward. We determine to love them in Your Name, and ask that You reveal to us anyone we need to forgive in person, or whose forgiveness we need to ask…. We confess any known sin to You, and ask that You show us anything we are not aware of that we need to ask forgiveness for…. And now Lord, we lay our petition(s) before You, and thank You for Your answer. We know that You hear us, and as we pray in Your will in the mighty Name of Jesus, we have what we ask of You…

First, we thank You for Your answer in Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination and confirmation. We are so grateful for her apparent godly values and life.

We thank you for the great involvement of people in the election process, and trust that Your will is being, and will be done, in the final tally.

We ask:

That You, the Prince of peace, would restore peace to our country once again, and that it would become godly again…

For You to guide President Trump as he leads our country. May America return to You wholeheartedly.

That Your will, and only Your will, would be done in this election, and that it would be fair and just…

My personal requests:




There are seven days of prayer guides on the “Call to Prayer” page of this blog. There are also a multitude of good resources in print and online regarding prayer and fasting. Our prayer is that we will be led into deeper fellowship with God and will exercise our faith in Him through prayer and fasting.