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Recently we have been looking at the occult and what God says about it. “Forbidden”, “Forgiveness”, “Sorcery”, and “Spiritual Prostitution” are the most recent ones on this blog.  

So what can we do about the occult’s rising prominence in America?

I have recently mentioned that walmart.com, as well as amazon.com, sell satanic items on their websites.  What should be our response to this?

Right now, it may be only outside sellers who offer these items.  But we have watched many things become part of our society and culture we would never have thought would gain any traction. They were introduced rather quietly, there may have been an initial outcry, and then they were gradually accepted, if grudgingly.

Think of swear words on television. When TV was new, there were none. They were introduced a little at a time, until now it can be difficult to find programming that does not include profanity. Big difference. Vulgar language is part of our culture today.

How about sexuality? In the beginning, even married couples did not sleep in the same bed on television. Then ratings were introduced and the door was thrown open. Today, sexual innuendo, bed hopping, nudity, and romance with the dead on prime time television are daily fare. Same sex couples as an alternative lifestyle and pedophilia are being fed to our children. Witchcraft is subtly taught on children’s programming we used to consider trustworthy, such as Disney. It happened one step at a time, and has gradually led our society downward.

Are we, as Christians, knowing the absolute intolerance of God’s word for the occult, willing to accept the sale of satanic items on these sites? Will we just look the other way? God help us as we reap what we are sowing. It should come as no surprise that we are seeing bolder and more disgusting satanic activity.

Walmart and Amazon are a way of life now. Are we willing to give up convenience and lower prices to say we won’t stand for it?

Each person has to decide this for themselves, but I have decided for myself that this is a line in the dirt I cannot cross. It is not always convenient. But since when is standing firm about convenience?  Many are deliberately living with less anyway, recognizing that overindulgence is sin, according to God’s word.  As the old country song says, “You’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.” Falling for anything is what we are seeing a lot of these days.

How can we ask and expect God to bless our country when we support those who allow and profit from that which flies in His face? This is not just about Walmart and Amazon, but about anything that includes the occult in any form. It is dangerous and unacceptable.

 I invite and encourage you to pray about this, then of course, behave accordingly. Christmas may seem an inopportune time to change our shopping habits, but honoring God is always in season.  There are many examples in both Testaments of the Bible of people who sacrificed, up to and including, giving their lives for what God says is right. Are we willing to do less?

This is how Satan works – a little at a time. If we will tolerate this, will we also tolerate the mark of the beast, which is well on it’s way? This is the spirit of antichrist and we must stand against it if we are going to name the name of Christ. We are either for or against Him. When we think of what He endured for us, is this really so much?

 I am praying we will stand together as Christians to say we will not spend our money where Satan is openly tolerated, promoted, or enriched. Will you prayerfully consider joining me?

A number of them who had been practicing sorcery brought their incantation books and burned them at a public bonfire. The value of the books was several million dollars. So the message about the Lord spread widely and had a powerful effect. Acts 19:19-20

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