Favor Lk 1:24-25

After these days his wife Elizabeth conceived and kept herself in seclusion for five months. She said, “The Lord has done this for me. He has looked with favor in these days to take away my disgrace among the people.”
Luke 1:24‭-‬25 CSB

…And just like that…!

This dear lady must have been smiling even in her sleep! ☺️ Not only was she experiencing all the joys of being a “lady in waiting”, possibly watching her husband whistling as he whittled little wooden toys for their son, but she was now the topic of conversation among friends who had once looked down their noses at them. Not only having a son in her old age, but what a son! She, Elizabeth, was carrying a prophet of God, whose birth was announced by the same angel who had been sent to the prophet Daniel!

When Zechariah arrived home from the temple, he likely used a wax tablet to relate the story of what had happened. A block of wood covered with wax on one side, it was easy to write a short message, erase it in the soft wax, and use it again. Kind of a primitive ipad!

How surprised she must have been as the story spilled out! And beyond excited! As the first signs of pregnancy appeared, she was doubtless afraid to hope. And yet it was true! Her “baby bump” grew and there was no longer any doubt.

Like Hagar, who discovered El-Roi, “the God who sees me”, at the moment of her deepest need, Elizabeth knew that El-Roi had seen and answered the cry of her heart.