Freedom’s Worth

How much is freedom worth?

…Ask Patrick Henry, who has long been known for his impassioned cry, “As for me, give me liberty, or give me death!”

…Or ask Louis Zamperini and millions of other Americans who fought for our liberty, at great personal cost and sometimes the loss of their own lives.

…Ask the congregation members who have been discriminated against during the covid-19 pandemic by being locked down or limited to very small numbers, while bars and other retailers remained open and/or much freer to gather crowds.

As Pastor John MacArthur of Grace Community Church said about Los Angeles County’s intention to force the church into strict submission to it’s covid restrictions, “They don’t want us to meet, that’s obvious,” MacArthur said. “They just want to shut us down. But we’re here to bring honor to the Lord.”  The pastor and congregation have continued to meet for worship. A growing list of religious groups are claiming and standing on their constitutional right to freedom of worship.

…Ask Joshua Wong, who would rather be incarcerated for his protests against Chinese interference and control in Hong Kong, rather than go quietly under China’s thumb.

“Perhaps the authorities wish me to stay in prison one term after another. But I am persuaded that neither prison bars, nor election ban, nor any other arbitrary powers would stop us from activism. What we are doing now is to explain the value of freedom to the world.” – Joshua Wong, freedom fighter

…Which brings us to the ultimate freedom fighter, Jesus Christ, who gave His life for our freedom.

“For freedom, Christ set us free. Stand firm, then, and don’t submit again to a yoke of slavery.” Galatians 5:1 CSB

The apostle Paul was speaking here of spiritual freedom. Freedom from keeping the law to earn salvation is freedom all may enjoy, no matter their geographical or political circumstance. As this apostle also says in Ephesians 2:8, it is “by grace, through faith” because Jesus has already paid the sin debt of all who trust in Him for their salvation.

It was worth being incarcerated, and eventually dying for, to the apostle Paul. How much is it worth to you? on 11-29-20