Following His Lead (Part 2)

We have discussed how important it is to follow where God leads, even though it is not always easy. But how do we know where He is leading?

We begin following because of that tug or whisper in our hearts (God’s Holy Spirit) when we learned about Jesus, what He came to do, and Who He is. Wanting Him in our lives, and repenting of our sin, we decided to follow Him, no matter what. That is when the Holy Spirit came to dwell with and in us.

Now that we have Him living within, He teaches and guides us in the same way. We read His word and pray (talk and listen). As we do, His gentle Spirit will point us in the way He is leading. He will also correct us when there is something in our lives He wants to change. The key here is to be pliable and easy to lead. (Do not be like a horse or mule, without understanding, that must be controlled with bit and bridle or else it will not come near you.
Psalms 32:9 CSB)

Acts 8:26-39 tells the story of Philip,who was led at just the right moment to come alongside someone who was seeking the Lord through His word. After Philip explained the gospel to Him, the man decided to follow Jesus and was baptized! We must always remember that the wonderful privilege of hearing Him speak to us is not for our own self-gratification, but for the furthering of His kingdom.

An appropriate word at just the right time can give validation to what we sense God is saying in our spirit. (Acts 21:10-12 is an example of God speaking through someone else, although God may well use something someone says in a way they are unaware of.) Being sensitive to Him, and watching for Him as we walk through life, will help keep the communication open.

Intercession is a gift given to us which can help guide us as we labor for Him. The twelfth chapter of Acts records that Peter was awaiting his probable execution in jail. The church was “praying fervently” for him, and he was miraculously released-by an angel, no less! We need to pray intentionally for others, and enlist prayer partners to intercede for us. Prayer changes things!

Circumstances are another way God guides us. He may be helping us to be open about changing jobs, for instance. Then the “perfect job” comes open. Or maybe (oh my!) we are laid off. We continue trusting and praying, and He may even take us in a new direction – the one He had planned for us all along!

The important thing is to remain in intimate fellowship with Him. God has not stopped speaking. Are we listening, and obeying whatever He shows us?

Please feel free to share ways God has lead you.