Following His Lead

So you have decided to follow Jesus? Wonderful! It is the most important, life-changing decision you will make.

You may be wondering what’s next?
One reason why you won’t find a how-to book saying that if you follow these steps you will advance to the next level of Christ-following is because a) it is a relationship, and looks a little different for everyone. And b) the “following” is something that happens on the inside before it shows up on the outside, although it begins happening right away for some. This is why it is so very important to have a daily quiet time with Him.

Alone with God is where surrender begins. Talking with Him and saying, “Whatever You want to do, please do it. Make whatever changes You want. Your will is all that matters.”

This is not easy, and maintaining that stance remains a challenge. Just when we think we have won the victory, we see a problem area somewhere else. God points it out and expects us to deal with it, even if it is a cherished goal or habit. Maybe even especially if it is a well-loved goal or established habit.

Dragging our feet may be understandable, but we have to remember Whom we are in relationship with. “No”, or “when I get ready” is not following, nor is it in our best interest. It is counter-productive, and of course means we are not really following anymore. We are trying to lead. Do we really think we are capable of leading God?

He promised abundant life. But we must follow where He leads. He knows what we aren’t going to really want once we get it, and what will fill our little heart with joy, even though we may not see the perfect piece that will complete our puzzle .

When needed, He will gently prod, and the prodding gets more insistent, until becoming downright uncomfortable. There is no need for this.

Did I mention counter-productive? Since He is God, He will win. And His way is always best. He can see down the road all the way to the end. He knows the best route to take. He can see where the steep, narrow roads are, and where the fertile valley waits.

Following Jesus is just that. Following Him where He leads. How do we know where He is leading? We will look at that next time. Stay tuned.