Are You Praying?

The world, and more specifically our country, has changed drastically this year.

Do you want the America you knew and loved back?

We may work for our chosen candidate to be elected.

We may circulate informative memes and articles.

We may put signs in our yards and various other means of trying to influence those around us.

But if we don’t seek God with all our hearts, we won’t find Him. It is apparent that without His intervention, America is lost.

Pray daily by yourself, confessing known sin. Ask Him to reveal any area of sin you may not be aware of. When He shows it to you, repent of it right away. If restitution is required, do what is needed.

Find a prayer group to pray with. Many churches have them, and there are quite a few online.

There is a prayer guide on the Call to Prayer Page of this blog.

On September 26, a national prayer rally and march is being held in Washington, DC. If you cannot be there in person, participate online.

We can prepare our hearts, wherever we are and let God cleanse us from the inside out, if we haven’t done this already.

Fasting is biblical, and often shows up with intense prayer. We will be looking into this a little more.

Stay tuned. And pray without ceasing.

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