No Match for Jesus!

This morning in the online church service, our pastor preached on Luke 11 and Jesus’ crucifixion. During the sermon, he made several references to “the invisible enemy”. He was speaking of Satan, who wanted to make God’s plan for redemption go away and leave us without hope.

The “invisible enemy” is something I recently heard President Trump talk about in a speech concerning the Coronavirus Pandemic, and the havoc being wreaked upon our nation and the world.

Jesus said Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10). He wanted to destroy the work of God then, as he does now. What stops Him is Jesus Christ, Who daily fights for us (Psalm 46:1 + many others). How sad that too often we turn away from the Good Shepherd, Who carries His lambs gently in His arms (Isaiah 40:11), to run to the destroyer, who does not have anything close to our good in mind.

What the Bible says we have to do for peace with God and eternal salvation is believe in our hearts that Jesus is the Lamb of God Who died and rose again and Who is even now preparing a place for us in heaven with Him (1 Peter 1:18-21). We must ask God’s forgiveness for our sin, turn from the evil one and his ways, and follow after Jesus, the Lover of our souls. ❤ He is our only rescue from the destroyer (John 14:6).