Focusing on the Main Thing

This morning I am planning for Christmas gifts, errands and chores, Thanksgiving dinner at church tomorrow, sharing with others….you know what I mean.

While house cleaning is usually done to a background of YouTube sermons or Christian music, this morning I am scrambling for gift ideas and other holiday planning. I did my regular Bible study, but then while doing the dishes I watched crafty YouTube videos. While I am sure there is absolutely nothing inherently wrong with this, I am also sure that, at a time when my full focus needs to be on The Light of the World Who is celebrated as the Baby in the Manger this time of year, my attention was pulled away, if only briefly. Let’s encourage each other to keep The Main Thing, The Main Thing this Christmas!

I am a fan of index cards on the mirror, kitchen cabinet, in my Bible, etc., to remind me of the most important things. I also use a note app on my phone quite heavily to remind me of scriptures and quotes. Every time I scroll by, I see them and am encouraged and exhorted. I had so many I had to clean out my files the other day. They were part of the reason for phone storage being full! I will just fill it up again, but for now, I made space on my phone. 😉

What do you do to remind yourself of His preeminence during the busyness of the holidays?

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