Are Eastern gods and witchcraft gaining ground in America because the one true God is seen as powerless in our lives?

Because we refuse to abandon sin, and/or practice radical faith?

Because we have grown so comfortable with melded Christianity and the “American dream”?

The Hebrews had been in Egypt for 400 years, and were now suffering under cruel taskmasters. Maybe Joseph’s descendants had grown comfortable. Maybe they wouldn’t have wanted to leave to follow God where He was leading? So He allowed them to become very uncomfortable, and then sent Moses to lead them out.

Are you suffering in bondage to sin? Your Deliverer has come to lead you out.

Are you somewhat comfortable in your familiar circumstance, even though you may be miserable? Remember the frog that will sit in a pan of water and boil to death if the heat is turned up very gradually? Trust Him.

He may part the waters for you.

He may bring water from a rock when you are desperately in need of refreshment.

Or maybe He will ask you to do something strictly by faith, such as the Israelites when they marched around Jericho, following God’s specific instructions, and the walls fell?

Are you sick and tired of your taskmasters? Addiction to drugs, alcohol, porn, or any other thing you have allowed to take God’s place in your heart, that leaves you weary and spent?

When they left Egypt, the Israelites put the blood of a lamb without blemish over the doorpost of their home to save their firstborn from the death angel.

Have you trusted in the Lamb that was slain for you (Jesus Christ)?

Follow Him, and He will lead you out.

Confess your sin to Him. Trust Him to save you and stay with you forever. Be baptized. Read the Bible, and get to know Him. Do what He says. Fellowship with other Christians and tell others about Him. God bless you!

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