Guard your speech… let worship fill your heart and spill out in your words. Ephesians 5:4 TPT

This morning I was looking for a hammer. I keep it under the sink, but couldn’t find it. Finally, I turned on a 99 cent flashlight and right away, there it was, under some paper bags that were leaning over. What a difference a little light makes!

We are commanded to be filled with the Spirit. This verse shows us part of what it looks like when we are. What fruit of the Spirit is exhibited here? Self control, love, joy, gentleness, goodness, peace… This is godliness. Never easy, it is more difficult with an atmosphere of hostility, such as we see in so much of our world today. However, the light shines brightest in the dark, and Spirit-filled living is most noticeable when evil is prevalent. Let’s shine some light on it!

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