The Truth About Anxiety

In my work at a hospital ER, I saw many people who were severely hindered or utterly incapacitated, (both physically and mentally) by anxiety. In the jail ministry I have been part of for years, I regularly hear prayer requests for their struggle with anxiety. Many have turned to substances for relief that have led them into a vicious cycle. They become anxious, and “use”. Trying to cover up increasing use from those close to them, to remain functional at work (including getting past drug tests), and dealing with all the ways addictive drugs affect a life causes more of what they were trying to escape in the first place – anxiety upon anxiety. Why is there so much anxiety in the world today? We can point to everything from the threat of nuclear war to 24-hour news to the every-day difficulties of life, but can it be that the primary reason for the anxiety epidemic is simply that we have accepted the culture’s ways in place of the faith of our fathers?

John Piper says:

“Think about how many other sins are connected to the root sin of anxiety. Anxiety about money will cause you to hoard or steal. Anxiety about succeeding will make you irritable and impatient with those around you. Anxiety about relationships will make you withdrawn or indifferent toward other people. Anxiety about what others think about you will make you lie or stretch the truth. If anxiety could be conquered, a mortal blow would be struck to many other sins.”

Verse for the Day:

Depend on the Lord ; trust him, and he will take care of you.
Psalms 37:5 NCV