Jesus Walking

That day was like any other, as I sat feeling the sun on my back.

The light of day didn’t reach me, for my world was shades of black.

All were talking about the Healer, and now they said, “He’s here”!

I knew it was true because I heard the noisy crowds coming near.

Anticipation filled the air; birds chirped and tweeted their praise.

With purpose He leaned toward me, His gentle warmth like the sun’s rays.

Then His fingers were patting my eyes, and the mud sitting moist on my skin;

I just couldn’t keep from hoping; I’d heard such stories of Him!

His words were loving, and the reproof I had come to expect did not come forth.

He healed me from the inside out — goodbye shame and remorse!

And yes, you already know the rest; from that moment on, I could see!

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me…

Jesus still comes walking, stopping in front of those who believe,

Offering His light to shine in the darkened soul that will receive.

Based on an account from Jesus’ life in John 9.

By Vicky Ryder

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