🐑 The Lord is my Shepherd 🐑

The Lord is my shepherd; I have everything I need.

This has been one of the best-loved verses of scripture over many centuries.

The 23rd Psalm is one we read at sickbeds, during periods of great suffering, and even the deaths of loved ones. It comforts us. When we are in distress, we like the idea of an ever-present shepherd that leads us to green pastures, walks us safely through the darkest valleys, and fights off sneaky, snarling wolves.

But there are too many times when a person doesn’t pay enough attention to where He is leading. You are the one that wanders off and has to be rescued. Or pulled back into the herd with the crook of His staff.

While it may not feel as comforting in those moments to have Someone watching over our every move, He has committed Himself to us. Sometimes it means He protects us from dangers outside ourselves; others, we ourselves are the threat to our well-being. Whatever the need, He is the answer to it.

🐑 Is He your Shepherd? 🐑

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